In the first week of selling, RIOT! sold 44,000 in the U.S

 They got the name RIOT! because it is 'a sudden outburst of uncontrolled emotion'

 The song 'Misery Business' is said to be one of their best songs


Paramore began recording their second album, Riot! in January 2007, ending production in March without rhythm guitarist Hunter Lamb (who left the band early in 2007 after getting married); without Lamb, lead guitarist Josh Farro was required to play both guitar parts on the album. Taylor York, who had been in a band with the Farro brothers before the two met Hayley Williams, joined as a replacement for Lamb. After being courted by producers Neal Avron and Howard Benson, Paramore opted to record Riot! with New Jersey producer David Bendeth (Your Vegas, Breaking Benjamin), releasing the album on June 12, 2007. Riot! entered the Billboard 200 at number 20, the UK charts at number 24, and sold 44,000 its first week in the United States.

1. For a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic

2. That's what you get

3. Hallelujuah

4. Misery Business

5. When it rains

6.Let the flames begin

7. Miracle

8. Crushcrushcrush

9. We are broken

10. Fences

11. Born for this


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